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☆ Artists of the Colour Fantastica: TASH SIM 

We’re featuring photo sets showcasing art by the fantastic artists contributing to the Fly the Colour Fantastica: A Comic Anthology! 

Next we have Tash Sim, hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Tash as a folksy and wistful quality to her art. Her illustrations are mysterious and intriguing, inviting viewers to imagine the story behind the picture. See more of Tash’s beautiful art at the following sites: portfolio / twitter / DA

You can see a sample of Tash’s comic in this photo set. Support our Kickstarter campaign to see it realised in glorious full-colour print!

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These started as just rough thumbnails, but it’s one of those things where I didn’t want to do a final image because it might lose some of the raw energy it had before, as with a lot of things in sketches. The one with the cat and mouse thing started from a small thumbnail image on our phone that kind of looked cool, even though it didn’t have to do anything with the subject in the small painting. 

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